Language services

a) Together with the customer, it is determined which material is to be translated.

b) I proofread the material, replacing text with pictures where possible, and at the same time compiling a list of technical and subject-related terms.

c) If there are many terms, a term database is established, with translations to the language in question. If the number of terms is relatively small, an Excel file is sufficient. The source text and supporting terminology are thus ready for the translation.

d) I employ the translators that are needed for the project.

e) I deliver the translations and the term database/list of terms, which are the property of the customer.

After points a) and b) are completed, the customer receives a set price for the remainder of the work, and a delivery date.

See also page 16 - “Svenska som källspråk – ett vinnande koncept?” (“Swedish as a source language - a winning concept?”).