1974-1975, I worked as an educational planning officer at the Civil Engineering section of the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. The last two years of the education, I worked in parallel as a study guidance counsellor in the section. During these four years, I participated in the planning and putting into practice of the new educational plan, V72.

While working as an educational planning officer, I was also a doctoral student at the Department of Construction Management. I took my doctoral course credits and presented my ideas for a doctoral thesis – which I had had the entire time: “Models of the future as a supporting material in decision making during large social construction projects". Not receiving sufficient support for my plan, I left the Engineering Faculty.

1995-1996, I returned to the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and the Department of Construction Management. I had modernised my old research idea, which resulted in an EU application - sent by courier to Brussels on 15 March 1996.