Council’s transportation service

About 70% of the runs in Värmdö Taxi are associated with the county council’s transportation service for the disabled. As a taxi driver, you get to hear many stories that confirm that fact is stranger than fiction. I could not promise the clients of this service to accomplish any change, but I did promise them to try to the best of my abilities.

I have probably never been as disappointed as I became with Sweden's handicap organisations during 2008. It was also disappointing that I could not use the pensioners’ organisations, but regarding them, I was unfortunately not surprised.

I have suggested to Håkan Filipsson – a member of the traffic division of Stockholm County Council for the Swedish conservative party Moderaterna – that the ruling conservative alliance take up my suggestion and use it in the next election campaign under the motto, “Greater freedom of choice in the transport services for the disabled”. A choice of booking centre instead of drivers would have the disadvantage that able drivers who drive for the less popular booking centres – including many very able foreign drivers – would face discrimination.

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