See fackoversattaren_08_02.pdf page 14 - ”IT-bulle – något för frilansare?”(“IT taxi – something for the freelancer?”)

I have been keeping statistics since January 2007, when I installed a computer and the Internet in a taxi. In the taxi company Värmdö Taxi, for whom I drive, the average takings are about 6.5 SEK per kilometre. This is also a measure of the proportion of kilometres driven without a passenger and of unnecessary costs and an unnecessary environmental burden. My average since January 2007 is about 9.5 SEK per kilometre (9.625 SEK per kilometre 2011.). Furthermore, I drive about 10% more than the average because I wait for the final runs of the day, rather than driving home empty.

A spinoff of this, which I had not anticipated, is that I have received interesting language assignments in the taxi. See the example in “Svenska som källspråk – ett vinnande concept?” (Swedish as a source language – a winning concept)