Swedish Enforcement Authority

Christina M. Forsberg, head of my district of the Swedish Enforcement Authority (SEA) in Stockholm, and I, do not see eye to eye about who owes money to whom. See my serving of her (serving) with regards to the debt collection company Deltra.

A retorical question: “Which of us two do you think has nothing to hide and which of us does?”

The text and links below would not have been published here if the SEA had paid me, in accordance with items 1-7 in an e-mail to Pär-Henrik Björverud, a sum in the order of 450 000 SEK, with the money being in my account by 12 noon of 22 October 2009 at the latest.

Pär-Henrik Björverud, a senior enforcement officer in Malmö, has left and his role in this connection has been replaced by the senior enforcement officer Håkan P Nilsson.

If the public authorities had followed the Archives Act and not thrown away documents and correspondence and erased e-mails, the pile of documents would be about three times as high. For example, none of the documents that were served to the senior enforcement officer Christina M Forsberg in Stockholm were present in the files that I ordered from the Swedish Enforcement Agency in September, 2009.

During the course of 17 years, not one person at any Danish or Swedish public authority – and least of all at the Swedish Enforcement Authority – has said: “Here are unequivocal judgments from a district court that have also been upheld by the court of appeal. Naturally, we will conform to them.”

“Only a court of law has the right to reshape judgments.” It is no more difficult than that.

Conclusion: My competence and efforts were not enough to induce the Swedish Enforcement Agency to respect the applicable judgments of the district court – upheld by the Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge.

Front end paper of the service of process
E-mail from the head of the National Enforcement Agency
Letter from CMF
The pile of documents
E-mail to PHB
Danish extract
Letter to Joachim Angermund, legal advisor of the SEA

To date, not one krona has been paid to me. On the other hand, I got a statement of account from the Tax Board - dated 2010-12-07 - which showed that the Tax Board had transferred 18097 SEK to the SEA (Surplus paid taxes.). I.e., no signs so far that the SEA has any intention to repair their mistakes, or start following the Swedish law, or stop putting the court system out of play, nor stop sabotaging the free movement between the Nordic countries.