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I have worked with translations from Danish and English to Swedish since 1999. The perpetual problem for translators is becoming involved in the process at too late a stage. If a customer employs me as a project leader, the following procedure is adopted To read more »

See also fackoversattaren_09_02.pdf page 16 - “Svenska som källspråk – ett vinnande koncept?” (“Swedish as a source language - a winning concept?”).

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Working guest in Jamaica - not a tourist

I lived in Montego Bay from November 2004 to January 2006. Since November 2012, I live in Le Morne Rouge in Martinique where I have prepared "Visiteur travaillant à Martinique - pas de touriste". It would be natural to continue with "Visitante trabajando en República Dominicana - no turista". Since I have abandoned to implement the project myself, anyone is welcome to pick up the idea. Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the business plan.

Example of the cheapest alternative:

1. Furnished one-room flat with kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom in Montego Bay for 3 months.

2. Digicel’s mobile Internet (Cable&Wireless broadband is faster but considerably more expensive.)

3. Jamaican mobile subscription.

4. The help and advice of myself and a hostess. (Naturally, we will pick you up at Sangster airport in Montego Bay.)

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