Working Guest in Jamaica

There is much that is special in Jamaica. The only information available on the Internet deals with tourism. It is not unusual for the information to be directly false or misleading. The Jamaicans are wonderfully friendly, but explanations are not their strong point.

See pictures from Jamaica January 2009 under My children.

Hiring a car

There is left-hand traffic in Jamaica. In my opinion, it is no problem at all for a normal European driver to drive in Jamaica. However, you should hire a car with an automatic gearbox. The quality of the road network has improved considerably in recent years.

Toyota Corolla is by far the most common car in Jamaica. The price is about 3000 JMD (Jamaican dollars) per day at the local car hire agencies (1000 JMD = 6.65 EUR on 10 August 2014). Petrol is cheap – about 0.7 EUR/litre. We can arrange a 7-day round trip in a hire car to the “pearls” of Jamaica for a total of about 600 EUR. The work of making this arrangement is included in the help and advice that we offer.

Guests during your stay

These can be put up with our friends at Brandon Hill Guest House. (See Help and advice to guests is included.

Difference in time

In terms of work, the greatest advantage is the time difference of 5 – 6 hours (there is no daylight saving/summer time in Jamaica). When I turned on the computer at 7 am, it was 1 pm in Denmark and in Sweden. You were just back from lunch. After this, I was fully contactable by regular phone, Skype, mobile telephone, e-mail and web camera.

When you closed the office at 6 pm GMT+1, it was 12 noon in Jamaica. I could spend the remainder of the day as it suited me.

As a translator, it is common to receive urgent work late in the afternoon. Let us say that I received an assignment at 5.30 pm Swedish time, that is, 11.30 am Jamaican time. I could then work a couple of hours extra in the middle of the day and a couple of hours in the evening. When the customer in Denmark returned to the office in the morning the following day, the assignment had been delivered.

How I travel to and from Montego Bay

Ryan Air to London Stansted.

Terravision Bus from Stansted to either Liverpool Street station or Victoria station, depending on the time of day. (About 15 pounds for a return trip. I have bought all my bus tickets in advance on the Internet.

The underground to South Ealing, at a convenient distance to London Heathrow ( You can pay by card.)

Ealing guest house near the station for 45 pounds/night. Breakfast I have made myself. There are shops and a really good pub/restaurant just around the corner (pay by cash).

By underground from South Ealing to Heathrow. National Express to London Gatwick (About 40 pounds return). You can save 10 pounds by taking Southern Service from Victoria station, but I have never bothered.

Virgin Atlantic/Dellta Airlines from Gatwick/Heathrow to Montego Bay (about 850 EUR on 10 August 2014, flying time about 9 hours).

Total: about 1160 EUR return from door to door from almost anywhere in Europe.